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Hero Talk Ep. 8 w/ Allison Esposito

Allison Esposito, founder of TechLadies, Talks with Joe about her mission to bridge the gender gap in tech. Find out more about how Allison helps companies to be more inclusive and empowers women to stand up to hostile and unfair work environments. 


Hero Talk Ep. 7 w/ Andre McDonnell

Andre McDonnell talks with host Joe Anthony abouthis non-profit organization, It's From the Sole. Giving away more than 17,000 pairs of sneakers to the homeless, Andre shares his passion and takes us through every step of his journey from where he started to where he is now. Don't miss this inspirational epsiode of Hero Talk with a true hero to those who are often invisible by everyday people. 


Hero Talk Ep. 6 w/ Steve Canal

Steve Canal, National Director of Community Affairs of MillerCoors and host, Joe Anthony have a great discussion on what it means to be successful and offer some great insights on diversity in the workplace, the millennial mind-set, being your best self, and one of our favorite subjects, Purpose!


Hero Talk ep. 5 w/ Ross Martin

Ross Martin talks about his passions, experience working for Viacom, and his new venture Blackbird in this witty and super entertaining episode of Hero Talk!


Hero Talk Episode 4 w/ Dez Marshall

Dez Marshall is a true SHEro who dedicates her time to making the lives of those in the LGBT community easier and more bearable. Learn about what motivated Dez to became, as she calls herself, the "queer with sheers"


Hero Talk Episode 3 w/ Eliana Murillo

Eliana Murillo is the Head of Multicultural Marketing for Google. Our official First Lady of Hero discusses her career, family business, passion for culinary arts, and how she manages to do it all in this very special episode of Hero Talk!


Hero Talk Episode 2 with Richie Cruz

This week’s episode features Mountain Dew’s NBA partnership lead, Richie Cruz.

Richie Cruz has built his career around integrating arts and science with brand marketing to enable growth. If you’re looking for an expert’s insight on the impact of lifestyle, culture, and purpose in the future of brand marketing, you’re not going to want to miss this episode


Hero Talk Episode 1 with Afdhel Aziz

Joe Anthony sits with Afdhel Aziz to discuss his new book “Good is the New Cool” and provide insights on purpose-driven marketing.